Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dear my busy mother,

you have lacked blogging for a while.
{You need to update a lot more often.}
So I am going to help you catch up, since the last:

well... your wonderful planned road trip finally had to come to an end.
and you and dad flew back to WA and packed up everything we had.
and we moved backed to our home town St. George.

All the kiddos started public school again and have met so many new friends.
 Sweet Jaxon started Kindergarten as a big 5 year old. He is loving school and is learning a lot.
As for Brigham, he gets to stay home with you and who knows what you do together. You will probably both be playing Just Dance all day together now.
 August 31st Lindsey turned 9 and her and Bailey had a BFF party.
 Bronson started football as a 1st grader and loved every minute of it. "Mom this is my first game of my whole career".
 Nerdy me started Success/Stress Academy and am loving it, even though it stresses me out a lot.
 yes, most of us kids go to different schools. Snow Canyon. Desert Hills. Dixie. College.
Our whole family went to see our cousin Payton as young Tarzan in Tuachan's amazing show Tarzan.

Jaxon learned to ride a bike.
I took some of Whit's senior pics. in Cedar.
The family went to Bryce Canyon, since we had never been there before.
It was beautiful.
Halloween. Brigham was a dragon.
Jaxon started flag football with his best cousin Steele. They had a blast and were great!
You practically had a new baby in the house for 3 days while I had to take care of it for my class. Thanks for helping with Boston. haha
Whitney was in the Junior Miss pageant. She did great and looked beautiful.
We watched Jacobs championship football game against his old Snow Canyon team. Dixiwon!

In November we had so many leaves in our front yard. So, just like any other children we made a huge leaf pile and swung, jumped, and rolled into it. It was great fun, you even joined in!

For Thanksgiving we went to Nevada. We stayed at the Grand Sierra Resort and had lots of fun playing with out cousins, lazer tag, bowling, eating, and mini golfing. Later, we went to Grandma and Grandpa Lindsey's house and played some more, ate Thanksgiving dinner, went to Hyrum's baptism, and took Lindsey family pictures since mostly everyone was there.


 I had a dance performance.
 took a Christmas family picture.
St. George flooded.  

 Santa Clara Christmas Eve Program.
 Brigham sat on Santa's lap.
 Christmas Eve jammies from Grandma.
 Christmas Eve. You and daddy. After santa tipped his sleigh ;)
 We played Just Dance on the wii non-stop with all the fam.
 Brigham turned 4 on December 26th. he is getting so big!

 Barben family pictures. Every one was here. 
We all had a wonderful adventurous year and can't wait for 2011.
Have a Happy New Year!
Love ya momma.

From your blog updater daughter, Brooklyn. :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cross Country Road Trip 2010

We have had a blast so far on our cross country road trip.
We have gone throuhg 26 states! wahoo.

Sorry I haven't kept up on my blog, but my girls have.
Here are some pictures I added on facebook today to keep you all updated.

There are still more adventures in store.
We are on our way to California!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Whitney!

Whitney we miss you!
And we can't wait to spend time with you this summer.
Remember we love you!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Bronson!

This baby's growing up!!!

Bronson loves sports-baseball, basketball, football and soccer. He is on the swim team and just got swimmer of the month out of about 100 kids, with him being one of the youngest. I love how hard Bronson works in whatever he does. He will practice for hours until he masters a skill. This great work ethic will help in all facets of life- not just sports. I am so proud of you Bronson!

To celebrate Bronson's 7th Birthday he went with his dad, brothers, cousin Cooper,and his Uncle David and Uncle Ben to a Mariners game. They had a great time-just the boys!

Happy Birthday Bronson! We love you!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Our St. George Missionaries

What a small world-Both of the missionaries in our ward are from St. George!!! We felt an immediate bond as we talked about "home". Elder Tippetts graduated from Snow Canyon and Elder Petersen's mom owns Benja's Thai and Sushi and his brother used to dance with Whitney and Brooklyn. They bring such a great spirit into our home as they teach our family important gospel principles. They always have a cool object lesson to share which the kids love. We are excited to share the gospel with our new friends and neighbors.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vancouver B.C. Temple Open House

Saturday we had the opportunity to go to the Vancouver B.C. LDS Temple Open House. It was so absolutely beautiful!!! What an opportunity for the kids to go inside and see the beauty and feel of the Spirit there. We are so grateful for this experience!

The Barben Kids-missing our lovely Whitney!
Families are Forever

Couldn't pass up the chance t go to the Tulip Festival one more time!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Tulip Festival on Easter

We had the chance to go to the Tulip Festival this Easter. It was so beautiful! There were so many different tulips and beautifu colors. We enjoyed taking Easter pictures here.



Brooklyn and Lindsey-sisters
We thought the yellow flowers were bright and colorful, we took a lot of pictures by them. We are missing th sunshine!
After we stopped by Jeanne and David's and had Easter dinner at there home. We also went on a nice walk after dinner, we had a great time. The kids love playing with their cousins!